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solution to swaybar knocking noise


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since i had my perrin 25mm rear swaybar installed on my 05 outback 3.0r 9 months ago ive been hearing a knocking noise coming from the rear of the car. whenever id go over bumps in the street at low speed it would sound like i a click clack or knock that would only stop when the road was smooth again or i hit higher speed. i could even pull at the swabar and shake it to hear the sound while it was parked.


orignally i thought it was the swaybar because the holes for the endlinks are slightly larger than stock. i figured the endlinks bolt was moving up and down possibly creating the noise as the bar reacted to bumps on the road. i even wraped parts of the endlink bolts with electricle tape thinking that would eliminate the play in the over size hole at the swaybar end, but the noise continued.


finally after messing with my endlinks i discovered the problem. one of my avo adjustable endlinks was overextended. the top of it was barely screwd into the centerpeice and had a lot of play in it. so i simply adjusted the small nut on the top of the endlink, unscrewed the top of the endlink from the bar, and tightened the top by spinnning it tight. the i secured it to the swaybar again an tightened the small nut.

problem solved.


i can pull my swaybar any shake it and not a sound. i took it for a ride over the bumpy streets where i normally heard the sound and it was silent. i remember coming across lots of other threads on this site where people complained about the same problem. hopefully this could help someone else. if u have any questions please ask. sorry for not including pics. i didnt expect to fix the problem, and to take it all apart and document it step by step would be a bitch.

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