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Cambelt 1995 help


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I am new here so I do hope I have posted this in the right place?


I am thinking of buying a 1995 legacy estate. My question is it had a cam belt done at 85000 (2002) would it need another now on 125000 miles, would it be alot of money?

Thank you


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Welcome and glad you could join us.


The older Legacys had a 60,000 mile cambelt change interval unless the car is a California-spec'd car and then the interval is 105,000. That said, the car was changed out at 85,000, so it would be due for a change at 145,000 miles.


You can find USDM Subaru information at www.subaru.com and then mouse over the Subaru Owners button at the bottom right. Then select maintenance schedules on the left side and you'll see the complete maintenance schedule by model year. Select your year and then whether it's a Federal or California version.


BTW - where are you located?



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