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How to get grease monkey stains off interior roof trim?

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TuffStuff foam cleaner. Available at WalMart, Advance Auto Parts, etc. Extremely good cleaner and no funky smell.


The only thing it isn't good for is white writing on plastic - the kind that's on the turn signal stalk, etc. It can wipe it right off on some cars. It's great for general cleaning other than that though - been using it for 15+ years.

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I would definitely take that one back to the dealer to look at. They cover the seats and put those paper things on the floor for a reason. To be slapping their greasy hands all over your headliner is just stupid. By now it is probably too late, but they may just take your word for it and have their detailer clean it up for you. If nothing else then grab a can of Prestone Foaming Carpet Cleaner and give that a shot. I've used it for just about everything and it cleans up grease or tar or gum or anything else just fine.


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