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5MT Transmission Failure(s)


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Cross post (sort of) from the Group N Tranny mount thread...


OK all fixed!


Turns out it was the main bearing in the transfer case that was making so much noise. Apparently this bearing is right at the back of the transmission and right under (approximately) where the shifter comes into the cabin. Hence the reason I could hear it so well!


I brought it home with me and will try and take some pictures of it. Basically the roller bearings were all a little pitted with one or two having some huge pits in them. You can also see where the heat was building up and turning the steel black.


I had all the bearings replaced, the first gear synchro, a helical front LSD installed, a TSK3 tranny snout kit installed and a new ACT HDSS clutch and WRX flywheel installed.


Total damage (parts, labor, shipping and sales tax) was ~$4400. Damn! That's the first time I've added it all up! Maybe I should have just done the 6MT swap!


That breaks down to ~$1200 for the front LSD from Rallispec, ~$1000 (minus $400 in Subaru Bucks so really only $600 ) for the clutch, flywheel, TSK3 and 4 qts. of Extra-S from Fred Beans Parts (Thanks Jeremy and crew!), and ~$2200 for the labor and small parts (bearings, synchro, seals etc.) from a great local Subaru shop Outback Automotive (Thanks JohnJohn and crew!).




Update on my tranny work. Had a bolt shear off the pinion ring of the front LSD and punch a hole in my case yesterday on the freeway. Took me a few seconds to realize it was me doing all the smoking and burning then I got it off the road and stopped as quickly as I could.


Hopefully just need to buy a replacement case but don't know if there was any internal damage yet. Shouldn't be with how much oil I left on the side of the road.



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My tranny went out last night. Complete absolutely crap! I thought it was my clutch or my flywheel. But the transmission has been rebuilt before I got the car. Ughhhhh. I was going to do a trade on it. Just waiting on quotes for repairs.
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I need some insight here:

I had a new clutch installed last month along with a new flywheel, both from Spec. I'm about at the end of the 500 mile break in. Last night, at a stop light, the transmission refused to shift into any gear. It just wouldn't go- finally with a bit of force (and folks honking at me) I got it into 2nd and pulled away. It seemed to shift OK through the upper gears, all the way home. Once home though it would not go into reverse or first with out shutting off the motor. With the motor shut off it would easily go into gear.

This morning everything seemed OK- a little stiff but working.


any thoughts?


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You probably shouldn't have gotten a Spec clutch.
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Why is this a sticky?


guzzimutt - Clutch isn't dis-engaging properly. Poor install or wrong parts.



I had my main output shaft bearing go at 50-60k miles. Holding fine now with 450ftlbs. ACT clutch rated for 420ftlbs slips in below freezing conditions.

(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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Center Diff to be exact. I don't race it. Commute and that's it. We bought it used from a dealer. Got extended coverage. Thank God, because I would've been screwed. Brought it in for a PZEV recall for the ecu and told them the shifter was making a vibrating noise around 2500-300 rpm. Dealer had car for 3 weeks. finally got all parts in. I go to pick it up, and hear a sawing noise driving it home. Get on highway and noise goes away. Almost home and I look in rear view and see smoke pouring from car. Luckily I'm less than a mile from home. Get home and look underneath, and there's gear oil pouring out center diff. Had it towed back to Feder's Subaru. They say the rear seal failed and the rear drive shaft needs replacing. Awesome!
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Chalk up another one. Just cruising in fifth and it exploded. Lost fifth and first. Then second. Gt35r on meth, stock motor. It was due. ACT Hdss jus started slipping last week as well. 6spd swap being sourced. Shop has a v7 s202 tranny there. Apparently has steel fork and stronger front/center diff. Any thoughts?
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