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GPS for 05 GT

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So I noticed the newer 06 models had GPS in them, does anyone know if the GPS system can be dropped into an 05 model? Are their aftermarket GPS units that drop right into the opening that exists on the GT's?


If anyone has any brands they recommend looking at that would be great.




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05 will require a lot of work to install the oem nav. 06-09 auto legacy/outback should be a direct plug and play. 06-09 manual legacy/outback will require some work also.


I don't remember who but there was a 05 owner who put a oem nav in his car. Then there's me, I added the oem nav in a 09 LGT 5sp.

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Get a Garmin and forget the OEM crap...I have had a number of Garmins in all of our cars...I just put a 265WT in the LGT...mounted it in the cubby with all hidden wiring...very neat and in the perfect position. The 265WT has Traffic Alert and Bluetooth and was selling at a local shop for under $200...what else could you need??? I'll post pics if anyone is interested. :)

Removed the cubby door and made a fitted cover to hide the mount etc.....when I take the GPS unit off the mount (Like when I leave the car parked somewhere) I just hang my Subaru ball cap on the little ball and no one can see that there is even a GPS mount in the dash :)




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