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2.5i SE PZEV questions

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Forum ate my post last time, trying again.


Hi all,


First off, many thanks for the advice last year about buying a 2.5i. It's been fantastic so far - a great intro to Subarus and I plan on keeping it for at least 10 years (or more, considering how long these bad-boys are known for lasting). Unfortunately I was in a collision a few weeks ago and have been driving a rental since then (Hyundai Sonata, no Legacy but not bad). Fortunately my insurance is covering the repairs and the shop said it should be done this week.


So, once I have Raziel back (yes, I named it), I have a couple questions for you guys.


First, I got the letter from Subaru a couple months ago about a firmware update or some such for the PZEV models (which mine is). I know there's a thread on here about the update making a difference on turbo models, and I'm wondering if anyone has experience on what the effects are for a non-turbo PZEV Legacy. Also, stupid question, but the procedure is free of charge, right? I can pay, but would rather not.


Secondly, I'm wondering about upgrade paths. I know the prevailing wisdom around the forum is to focus on suspension upgrades for non-turbo Leggies, but from there I have no idea at all what means what. I've read that there's some tradeoff between stiffness, handling, traction, comfort, and safety, but I don't know cars half as well as I know PCs so I'm at a bit of a loss. Since I bought the Legacy as a daily-driver and as a para-luxury upgrade from my old Saturn, and since I have to deal with Chicago winters, I'm definitely more interested in safety and/or comfort than with performance/sportiness. I'm sure that pretty much goes without saying since it's a 2.5i and not a GT, but I'm just making sure.


The other question I had is with respect to transmissions. I'm running a 4EAT, which works fine but, as I understand it, isn't the best for fuel economy. Is there any reasonable way to upgrade that to either a 5-speed auto (manuals aren't the most practical for the kind of stop-n-go driving I do) or even a CVT? Probably expensive as hell, but I can't seem to find a straight answer when I google for it.


Other than that, any other suggestions in the way of making this car even better-suited to Chicago-burbs driving than it already is? Tires, shocks, anything like that?


I'm sure I come across as the car-n00b I am, but thanks in advance for bearing with me and any advice you can give. You folks are terrific.

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I just had the reflash done on my 2007 2.5i. I didn't notice any difference after. Don't worry about it. They will do it for free. It took about an hour for me to have that and an oil change done.


There are whole subforums for the non-turbo (N/A) cars, Suspension/Brakes and Wheels/Tires on here which will answer the rest of your "Secondly" part of your post.






As far as the transmission, it's probably not worth swapping. Any money you save on gas would be negligible to how much it'll cost in parts and labor, if it's even possible.


Just drive the car and enjoy it.

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Get that reflash done, the way the car is programmed now may compromise the longevity of the catalytic converter.

I just had mine done last week, and it only took them maybe 35 mins. Which was a bummer, they lent me an 06 WRX limited in the snow!!! wtf.

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Thanks, guys. Sorry I took so long to respond. I'm going to check those links that smushy posted and maybe ask around a bit in the suspension subforum. I have this fuzzy mental image of what I'm looking for but I need to read up on it more, methinks. I appreciate the pointers, thanks again.
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