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60k service approaching, thinking of doing it myself.

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Mostly fluid changes which can be messy but easy enough. Fuel filter, air filter, oil filter.


But the spark plugs need to be replaced, and it looks like a PITA to get to them. How bad is it? Any tricks? Special tools required? How about removing the spark plug "boots/coil packs"?

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^^^ good walk through. not really any special tools, just a a lot of patience. not sure if you have, but change the diffs & trans fluid and coolant (blue or green) and inspect everything for cracks and leaks. good luck!!!! the walk through section has help for almost everything you are going to need to do...and look for "vacation pics" a downloaded service manual.

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The plugs are a pain, but worth the savings. Make sure to have a few different sized extentions and plenty of time to do the job. It makes things much easier if you can take your time. As posted above ^ the write up really helps.
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Complete... almost.


Changed engine oil (Mobil 1, 5W-30)

Changed differential oil (Mobil 1, 75W-90)

Changed engine coolant

Flushed brake fluid

Changed power steering fluid

Changed spark plugs (good thing I checked the gaps before installation)

Changed both accessory drive belts (one of them really needed it - split down the middle!)

Inspected timing belt (looked fine)



Didn't get to the brake inspection, but I know that the fronts are getting low. Probably replace the rotors too since I've got a slight warp and they've been turned once. Also didn't tackle the cabin filter.


I didn't change the transmission oil because I COULD NOT get the fill plug loose. I've run into that before so I checked before I drained it! I tried with a stubby hex key, and I tried with a socket drive/u-joint/stack of extensions. No go.


The spark plugs weren't too bad actually. Thanks for the linked instructions. (Thanks also for the Vacation Pics!) I discovered that it's easy to disconnect the wires from the coil packs - and that really helped with the Left Rear coilpack. Don't know if that was in the instructions or not.

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