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Err SS and ABS light, but I hear a clicking noise... speed sensor?


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First of all, I would like to say hi, as this is my first post.


I recently bought a 2004 (my2005) Legacy 2.5i wagon. It had the light on since I got it.


When I start the car, ABS light go off after I start driving. If I move slowly below 50km/h, I can hear a clicking noise that goes with the speed of the car (if I accelerate, it goes faster, if I brake it slow down). It sounds like a relay. Once I reach about 50km/h, the ABS light comes on and the Er SS shows in the screen.


The DTC read is C105, which is rear right speed sensor.


I have took it apart to check cables and connectors, and everything looked fine.


So here are my coupe questions...


1.- Is it normal to hear that relay clicking when a speed sensor fails? Could the SS be fine, and the problem to be somwhere else?


2.- The EU part number for this speed sensor is 27540AG040. The quotation I got in Spain is 190€ plus TAX (that's around $280). The part number for that sensor in the US is 27540AG04A and I found it online for $39. Is there any reason why the US part will not work with my EU spec car? I post some pictures of it to clarify...









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