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Using Airboy's Dyno Spreadsheet


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What's up guys, I have been dialing in MickeyD2005's stage1 map from romraider.com over the past few weeks. I log using romraider, and was curious what my WHP gains were looking like so I tried out Airboy's dyno spreadsheet. My car is an 05 LGT Ltd 5MT (all stock) minus hogzaust haha.


I thought it also might be worth noting I had a new factory shortblock installed under warranty last August for a spun rod bearing. The car has 41k miles, block approximately 6500.


I figured out how to use this AWESOME tuning tool, but I just don't think the WHP and WTQ numbers look right. They look too high (90 hp gain). I adjusted weight, selected 06 LGT (3rd gear), and did my logs on a flat level road. This log was with a 15% reduced WGDC across the board. Reference data is the stock map. Any ideas? A link to the spreadsheet file is on Romraider here: http://www.romraider.com/forum/topic5487-30.html


I know this is far fetched, but I understand the STI's shortblock shared the same part number as the LGT' in '05. Any chance I lucked out and got an STI block?

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I think the airboy spreadsheets read too high. They are a good tool comparing car to car after mods but not out right numbers. Did you base your 90hp gain on hypothetical numbers or stock pull vs stage 1 pull?


Here is my Stage 2 pull in 55* weather, I think it reads quite high.


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At the end of the day (just like any other dyno) the number does not matter.


The beauty of this spread sheet is comparing improvements in your tune, while at the same time making being able to make a comparison with someone else using the tool. I like to call it the dyno for the people.


If used properly (correctly inputting the weight of the car, flat road, size of the tires etc.) it could be used to directly compare the power being put down by 2 cars in 2 different places.

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The Airboy dyno can be accurate, you just really need a flat road and have your tire size entered correctly, and correct vehicle weight.


I had my car on a Mustang dyno and a few hours later did a road dyno:

Mustang 286whp/310wtrq

Airboy 297whp/312wtrq

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