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Latest Mods Done & Clutch Help


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First off. IAG does some very fine work. So if you're looking for a tuner (COBB) in MD, I highly recommend them. They also do a hell of a lot more than just operate a dyno. They did a lot of work for me while I'm deployed, mechanical and electrical, and everything is top notch. So even if you're not using COBB IM, they're an awesome resource in MD.


Well, she goes like absolute stink. COBB recorded 0-60 in 4.5 and I am frying the clutch doing this. But this car was built around 3rd gear pulls, and a run from 4500rpm to 8500rpm in that gear is nearly in the big leagues. My buddy has a 550 Ferrari and it doesn't pull quite like that, but it's close enough to simply leave most cars in the dust.


As an update to my gallery, I went with Whiteline sways and Kartboy links. BTW, I went too far with the BR coils. It corners like it's on rails, but it is just about intolerable on rough roads. I used Legacy SEDAN coils on the OBX, and it looks just great. But that ~2 inch drop and the stiffness of the coils is too much (almost). I'm hoping that a good OBX coil will be made someday, as the Megan's seem to be questionable. When I get back from Iraq next, I'll probably explore some spring and shock combos.


Stopping power of the StopTech and Brembo combo is amazing. And pedal feel is so good you can press the brakes until the tires just start to moan. It's very easy to modulate the brakes to the point of lockup without activating ABS. IAG's power bleed is worth every penny.


Looking for a new clutch as the stock clutch just can't handle the power. When I dump at 4500, the clutch just burns and the engine zips to over 8000 (rev limiter now set to 8500) until it grabs (launches at lower RPMs just don't cut it as I do have a bit of a lag issue with the larger turbo). Smells horrid and indicates that I have about 6 more of those left before it's shot.


Any ideas you have, let me know. Starting point of discussion is a sprung-hub, puck design. But it's an area in the Subaru world I'm not that well versed in. Hondas, yes. Still have a lot to learn in the Subaru world.



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Just a FYI. Maryland Mega Meet coming up in January. See your from MD. should come out.




Would like to, but am engaged in Iraq right now. Maybe I can get my wife to drive it to the meet. If not, she does have an 09 Tribeca that ought to wow the crowd as it has a "big block" and all...

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Yea ,I have an idea.

Don't make threads about street racing and bragging on your car.:rolleyes:


My apologies to "jag". Street racing is dangerous and my car sucks. Hope this makes your day. If not, maybe I'll drive up to Belair when I'm home on leave next time and I'll buy you a soda pop...

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