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Rasputin... The Legacy...

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So I've been doing a lot of driving for work lately. They pay me mileage and lately I've been doing a lot of this driving on overtime pay. That equates to a lot of dough for Christmas shopping.


Anyway, I went in early yesterday and had to make a 120 mile round trip in the Legacy to Goffstown NH. There was a ton of snow. On the way there traction was minimal as the plows weren't really out yet. Coming back it was even worse because morning traffic had started and still, no plows. The following story only solidifies my reasoning for calling my car "Rasputin", because I've come to the conclusion that it is nearly impossible to kill it, and that it will most likely die of natural causes whenever it's good and ready.


Anyway, driving along, very slow with all the traffic, the cars in front of me come to an abrupt stop, most of them sliding. I put on my brakes, but the combination of no ABS and worn tires meant there was no chance of stopping in time. This left me with several seconds of thought... Slide into the car in front of me, or slide into the guardrail. A sudden realization helped me make up my mind......... Unlike the car in front of me, the guardrail doesn't have insurance.


Keeping with that thought, I let off my brakes and turned the wheel to the right, hoping to go around the cars in front of me on the shoulder of I93 in New Hampshire. I knew hitting the guardrail was imminent, but I was traveling at such a slow speed it didn't matter. I steered towards the guardrail and gently reapplied my brakes, which locked up instantly in the several inches of snow. As I slid slowly off the road towards the guardrail, I was left with several moments of thought. Part of me thought "This is gonna be sweet!" The other part of me thought "What if I get stuck?" Then I hit the guardrail. A gently nudge, one would call it a "Kiss". It was somewhat entertaining to feel the abrupt stop of the car, coupled with the movement of the guardrail. Watching the snow fall off the guardrail brought a smile to my face along with an evil feeling of accomplishment. I avoided dealing with insurance paperwork, which would've certainly meant an increase in my already high insurance premiums, and less damage to my car. I got back on the road no problem and went about my business. No worse for wear, the only damage the Legacy sustained was some silver paint on the bumper to go along with the blue-green fender and the yellow paint from a yellow concrete lightpost footing.


About an hour later after negotiating the traffic on I93 I found myself on 495. I reached down to the center console for a cigarette and found myself drifting to the slush in between the tracks of cars far ahead of me. The car became instantly tail happy and I found myself doing a dance similar to Japanese drifters down a 3 lane highway, with the rear of my car sliding hard left, to hard right multiple times. I'm used to dicking around in heavy snow with the E brake, but never at 45+ MPH on a legitimate highway. There was no guardrail and no trees, with nothing but snow in front and behind me, it was quite exhilarating.


In short, I can't wait for more snow. This winter is gonna be sweet! ;)

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