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need advice on passing Colorado emissions


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Technically all emissions control equipment must be intact and functioning per state and federal law.


Enjoy Boulder. It's one of only five counties in all of Colorado that still requires emissions testing.


Besides putting everything back on, the only other thing I can think of is trying to swing a set of collector plates like one bad bg did here http://www.legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116312

The Ridiculousness is no more :( But you can have your very own piece of it. **The Ridiculous Part Out.** :D
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Not sure about the E-85, but my story goes:


STi up

Invidia catted down

X02 cat back

Cobb STG 2 91 oct

Did not pass


Swapped to stock dp, flashed to stock on AP and drove 100 miles or so and passed. This was at the Kipling and C-470ish station in Littleton. Good luck:lol:

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I am running E85 also. All I did was put on my stock DP zeroed out my WGDC table and made sure my cats were nice and hot before I went over there.


This is important, do not drive over with your car just warming up. Are you keeping the car now? There is a emissions thread in the Mountain West area also. Good luck.

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Usually for Colorado emissions all you really need is a decent cat. I passed with a high flow magnaflow as the only converter in the car. Generally they do not have specific criteria per car to meet in colorado, only for electric/hybrid vehicles. So if you have a decent cat you SHOULD be ok.
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