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Crank Sprocket Removal

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During timing belt removal, I noticed that the crank sprocket has some dents on most of the teeth. I need to remove it, but how. I have read all the posted threads out there but there are not exactly how to remove the key that is holding it. Do I yank it out or how?


Any suggestions>?




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You need a puller. The sprocket is secured by a woodruff key. You need to remove the sprocket before you can remove the key.


However I am puzzled how a rubber belt could put any dents in the sprocket. Take a picture and post here.

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Why would you pull cam sprockets to do a t belt? Those freaking bolts are on like permanant.




  1. Remove the V-belts.
  2. Remove the crank pulley.
  3. Remove the timing belt cover.
  4. Remove the timing belt.
  5. Remove the cam sprocket.




  1. Remove the crank sprocket.






  1. Install the crank sprocket.
  2. Install the cam sprocket.

Copy and paste from ALLDATA. No mention of a puller but I have my engine in pieces, I'll try and see if it does need a puller tonight for you.

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