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Best CatBack ?

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hey i am getting ready to get a 2005 or 08 legacy bepending on my cash flow. but i had a couple of questions about exhaust 1 what is the best depest and one of the quietest exhaust out there that still gives the subaru rumble? NOT RICE. 2 what is the best up pipe. 3 what is the best down pipe? 4 should the down pipe have a devorsed / seporate or wastegate like the indeava dp i think thats who makes it or dose it not matter and should the pipes, be catted ? last what is the best tunning to go with thanks look forward to the response and info :confused:
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As far as catback, depends on what you're looking for. I checked the exhaust threads and youtube before I settled on my magnaflows. Borla makes a quiet exhaust as well.


As far as up and dp, look through the reviews section and the exhaust forum. A lot depends on how far you want to go with your car, fitment, personal opinion, and budget. You could snag some good used parts in the member classifieds for a really nice price.


Hopefully this helps, most people would just tell you to do a search.

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1. There is no best of anything


2. 08+ you don't need an uppipe, 05-07 you will


3. Tunes are only as good as the tuner again no one best


4. A drop in air filter AVO, or K&N is fine, no need for an intake unless you are running a bigger turbo since the stock air box is fine.


5. Don't run a 100% atmosphere BOV since the ECU and MAF reads some of the released air that is plumed back into the intake. 50/50 is doable, I personally been running one for a few months now and haven't had any problems.

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This has been covered over and over and over. This forum holds a wealth of info. Videos, sound clips, quality reviews. Just takes some time to find them. Searching with google tends to be more fruitful than using LGT.com's search function. There is no best of anything. There are enough different products offered that are just that, different.

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i have been serching on google and i have found some that i like but you cant really tell what they sound like over youtube so ??? idk... i just want a catback that is on the quiet side but still has that really deep subaru rumble and throaty. without a drone on the highway. but also i was going to do the headers. up pipe and dp. all i really wanted to know is what is better for the dp one with divorced part for the wastgate or just solid


http://www.mosaicmotorsports.com/images/images_big/megan/megan_downpipe_wrx_3.jpgnot divorced

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http://www.mosaicmotorsports.com/images/images_big/megan/megan_downpipe_wrx_3.jpgnot divorced



what is better or is there no diff


and as far as cat backs go you cant really tell what they sound like on the internet or over youtube


i just wanted a deep throaty non raspy non tinny sounding exhaust that didnt drone on the highway


some i was looking at were

cx racing had one i really liked the look of but no sound clip

max redline .com had one that i like




megan racing had one that looked good




just wanted to know what ppl thought bc you may have some of the one listed or may know ppl with them

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