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EJ22 Clutch help. Re-installed, can't get into gear.


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I posted this on nasioc, but hopefully I might be able to get some help here as well.


As the title suggests, I recently purchased a clutch kit for my 99 legacy wagon with an EJ22. Exedy part #15010, states it should fit EJ22 platforms from 90-99 (except for turbo cars).


So, I pulled out the old clutch disc and pressure plate... my first inclination to that something wasn't right is when I discovered the kit throw out bearing didn't fit on my car (rather, fit onto my friends 2.5 RS). Even though I didn't want to, I reused the old throw out bearing, and reassembled everything without problems.


... now with the clutch fully depressed, it refuses to go into gear. I noticed that the fork is actually hitting the trans, so it seems as if something is not right. Adjustment won't do any good, as it's limited by the fork hitting the trans housing.




What I'm asking is if anyone has changed their clutch in a EJ22 car, and if so.. did you experience any issues? What brand of parts did you use?


I'm at a complete loss as to what to do. I've called my reseller, and exedy directly, both stating that this is the clutch kit for my car, but it does not work. My car is a single owner, dealer maintained vehicle. It has an EJ22!!! I found on this site (http://www.clutchcityonline.com/subaru_legacy.htm) where it lists my car as having a different kit, but I cross referenced that part number with exedy's site and the part number does not exist?


Winter is here. Snow is about to fall. I can't drive a car on coilovers running summer compound 255 tires with snow on the ground. I needz my winter car!


Thanks guys! Hopefully I can get some insight as to something to try. I'm in a hard spot here.

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