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wrx flywheel question


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my snout showed signs of wear and light scoring.


Sounds like a personal problem to me. :lol:


The inner part of the TOB slides forward and backwards on the snout, correct? The inner part of the TOB should not rotate on the snout?


What wear/scoring did you see? I'm replacing my TOB friday and I'm interested to see what kind of damage should prompt me to purchase the TSK3.


Hopefully I can use a boroscope in past the fork boot to inspect the snout and give me time to order the TSK3 if needed.

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Nick @ SubaruWRXParts/Exeter Subaru can get you the TSK3 pretty quickly. My 5MT snout also showed some scoring and wear. I don't know if it was excessive, but I decided that installing the kit was worth it while I had everything apart.


It makes sense to have a replaceable wear surface (the sleeve) rather than having to replace the transmission case if the wear becomes excessive.

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