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Electrical Issue

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Hey Folks,

This is my first post to this forum although I have an account on Nasioc as Dagmar. I'm hoping you can help with an electrical issue I am having.

I drive an 07 Legacy Wagon 2.5i (Although I wish I could have sprung for the GT...) and the rear wiper stopped working last week. I did a search in the forums and online but could not find a definitive diagnosis other than a few notes about wiring issues on an Outback forum. It got more interesting as last night I wiggled the wires from the body to the liftgate last night and this morning I now no longer have third brake light (LEDs along top), reverse lights and the only way I get headlights is to select them on and then back to parking lights. No high beams, no fog lights. Turn signals and "normal" brake lights are good, as is the license plate lighting.

Fuses are good, and I can hear the relay when I select the rear wiper. So, I'm assuming the liftgate wiring is the culprit.

My question, if you've persisted this far, is whether or not there is a tsb for this. I'm headed to the dealer in Edmonton this week and forewarned is forearmed.

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I would double check the fuses under the dash and then in the engine compartment again, pull each one out and check them to make sure they aren't broken.


If they are fine, my next step would be pull the gate liner off on the inside and check the wire harness connectors and see if they are all plugged into each other. Also remove the driver and passenger kick panels under the dash and check the 4 or 5 connectors there. Those connectors go from the dash harness towards the rear of the car.

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