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Experience Espelir springs?


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Group5 has them for under 300.. Have seen them for as high as 499. Also first found them on a Japanese site. According to the wiki they are quite stiff with a decent drop. I am considering these or H&R's but was curious if anyone else has any experience with them. I like the bigger drop these have because with my SpecB tops it seems springs will sit 3/8" taller thus I get the drop I want.
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Well then guess I'll grab them and let you guys know what I think.... :D


Depending on time I'll try to 'review' them before doing the other suspension mods I am doing.


Unless there is an order people would like to see reviews.....


Planned parts....


Espelir ASD Springs (240lbs front, 402lbs rear)

22mm FSB Whiteline

20 RSB Whiteline

Whiteline roll steer/ bump stop kit

Perrin Anti-Lift Kit / PSRS / ALK Zero Deg. kit

Front links Perrin

Rear lateral links Perrin


Prob not putting these on before Christmas though guys... no time...

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