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Took the Car to the Dealer for an Oil change...

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I did this on saturday and drove about 60 miles,

come home and sunday evening i decide to

take the hitch off. when i look under the car,

i got pissed and went inside for the camera...


guess what the dealer forgot to do...

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I would call the dealer and yell. I had a similar problem with me and Grand Subaru here in IL. I went in for a checkup and told them my drivers rear wheel was making a ticking sound when I would come to a slow stop. They looked at my car told me it was the Rotors. Then 3 days pass by and my wheel started thumping real bad when I accelerated. Get out and check out the rear drivers tire, looks good. Check the lug nuts. I could turn them with my finger. I have the OEM security lug and 2 turns and it came right off. One of the lugnuts broke off my car in the process of retighting them. Called them and had it replaced the next day free of charge.
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Really? Cause if you use regular oil and have the coupon from Sunday's paper, they both cost the same.


The dealership may not have forgotten to put the pop-its back on. The trap door has the Philips head spiny pop-its which wear out after their 3rd use and can fall out on their own.

(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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