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Does the Borla Hush Twin Tip exist for our cars?


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So I am after a quiet but deeper sounding 3" CBE for my SpecB. I was hoping to get a Maddad Whisper but alas he no make for us. :( So the next exhaust I was/ am after is the Borla Hush Twin Tip. I like the rolled twin tips and the you tube sound clips I have heard are nice but I have yet to find it for sale. WTF? I even noticed that the Borla site has very limited options for our cars and a search on it says they don't have any exhausts at all for 07 Legacy's!


So anyone know what the deal is?


Thanks in advance.


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the Borla exhaust that is single tipped works for all 05-09 cars. dunno about the twin tip deal, though.....just looked it up briefly on google and it's a single exit...might be able to be fabbed for duals with the normal LGT borla exhaust but i'm not sure.
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