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O2 Spacer Not Working on Catless DP

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This is on a 2005 Outback XT (Invidia DP). The spacer I got was off ebay and is "L-shaped". I actually had to lower the exhaust some to get it on the secondary O2 sensor due to its length. At first the CEL was alleviated for a good month or two. Recently, the CEL comes on within a few miles after I reset the ECU. I have tried turning the O2 Spacer in different directions (is their a correct direction it should face or does it matter... I can't turn it totally forward because it hits on the frame of the car).


My other thought is that carbon buildup in the spacer is causing the issue. I did have an AccessPort which has been sold (yes I'd like to have it still but that's not possible at this point).


I believe I've heard of people using a resistor in line with the wiring on the secondary O2 sensor to permanently fix the problem. Does the resistor fix always work and if so, what size resistor needs to be used and which wire do you tap into?



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Due to the open loop/closed loop fueling on 05+ Subarus, you really need to reflash your ECU with Cobb or OS tuning. Under boost, your car can run dangerously lean and the repairs will cost much more than the price of the $600 AP.
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