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Officially Stage 2!

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I took advantage of the long weekend and upgraded my car to Stage 2! In addition to Rallitek Front and RSBs, I added an Invidia UP and DP.


I am not a big gearhead but I like challenges, so I decided to do the install myself. Took about 12 hours over two days to complete, but I took my time, worked alone, and there are no leaks!


The car runs like a rocket now! I know it's nothing special compared to other cars on here, but I am super excited!

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Nice work :)

I did my up/dp install myself too. Very satisfying.

Are you using a Cobb AP or did you go open source? The biggest bang for your buck would probably be a good protune. It really woke my car up after sitting with the Cobb OTS map for a couple months.

I am actually ordering a CBE to install over Christmas. I'm going with the X02 (Ebay exhaust) because it is so damn cheap and pretty well liked. I'm just going to spray it with a high heat clear coat to protect it from the winter and hope for the best.

Unless you're stage 3 an intake is really not going to be much help. The stock air box is quite good and can handle even the most agressive stage 2+ set-ups.

I've heard good things about aftermarket boost solenoids. I'd like to get rid of some of that wastegate flutter myself ;)

How much did the sways stiffen things up? Big difference?

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Thanks E-Tank! I am currently running a standard Cobb Stg 2 map, although I want to get an OS tune after I get a CBE and an intake. Let me know how the Xo2 works out for you, I am afraid of droning.

My heart isn't set on an intake, but it is a cheap mod, and if one comes across for the right price I'll probably snatch it up.


The sways helped a bit, I noticed the car has less body roll. They are an easy install, but I wouldn't count them as necessary. Outback suspension is notoriously under damped as well, so it may not be much of an issue on the GTs.

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