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First Time Legacy Buyer?


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I'm in need of a car since someone reared me good (no pun intended) last week and the repair is worth more than the car.


I'm was pretty set on buying a late Accord, but came across some bad reviews about brake pads needing premature replacement (15k), road noise, etc. so I turned to other options...the Legacy being the best reviewed one I've been reading lately.


I'm in the market for a mid-size sedan. I'm torn between the 2.5 SE and GT trim. Ideally, I want the aesthetics, bells & whistles of a GT for the price of a 2.5i SE trim. I've always like the hood scoop, rims and also the buttons on the steering wheel that the GT offers, but the 2.5s don't. And I want it to be a 5MT otherwise I'd consider the 3.0R.


I'm not looking to buy brand new to save on costs. So I guess my question is, if I go with the 2.5 SE, how much would it cost to buy a hood with a scoop (and are there any dangers of doing it)? The SE doesn't have the multi-button steeringwheel that the GT does, but I don't think I can afford to have that installed unless it's way below what I think it'll cost. I also want the fog lights that the SE doesn't have, but if that's a job that is DIY, I'd look into it.


There's an '09 SE on autotrader for under $23k w/ under 6k miles. Roughly, how much would a car like this go for?

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I'm surprised no one commented on buying a hood with a scoop (GT hood) for a non-turbo. :rolleyes:


I'm just joking. A matter of fact the earlier Subies in the US (pre-2005) all had hood scoops but non of the US model Subarus had a turbo/intercooler.

I'm probably the only person that has Wu-Tang Clan and Paul McCartney on their mp3.:p
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