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Tie Rods....

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So I've known that I've needed inner tie rod ends for a while, that comes as no surprise...


What I didn't expect is that one would break with no warning whatso-ever. I was stopped in The Middle of a parking lot intersection when my right inner tie rod end decided it was time to snap. The car immediately broke traction and started to grab left and right randomly. If I wasn't on my lunch break at work and it wasn't a drizzling rain outside I would've bought the parts and attempted a repair on the spot. Unfortunately I was expected back at work to do some very important parts for Rolls Royce before the long weekend. I pushed the car to a parking spot with the help of a friend and a stranger and got a ride back to work. I used the same friend to get a free AAA tow back home after work. I got the parts at NAPA, two inner tie rod ends $32.49 a piece and plan to fix them on Saturday.


Long story short, life sucks ass.... Just yesterday my glasses broke and I had to leave work for an hour to get them fixed and make an eye doctors appointment. All my overtime pretty much bit the dust. Looks like all my loved ones are getting a kernel of popcorn for Christmas.....



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So I got one done. It wasn't that hard, the only issue I had was with the sway bar being in the way for me to get a wrench around the tie rod end. I loosened up the sway bar brackets without removing the sway bar but this made it worse. I just worked around it and all seems to be fine for now.
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