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LED's where to put them!?


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Soo i got an aftermarket Alarm/Remote starter kit installed in my car!


For reference:



I was now wondering, i want to put in an LED or 2 for the alarm, and i was wondering where to place them! I dont see where i can put them! I have 2 that are plug and play in the alarm module! I have no clue where to put them, anybody know where i can put them?


I want them to be visible during the night, showing that i have an alarm and all!




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I wish all cars came like this.


VW came with one on the drivers side, audi recieved them on both. And yes you would need to pass a wire through the door.

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1 in each door handle (pointing down so you can see the handle at night), 1 in each door pocket (pointing forward so you can see in them at night), 1 six inch strip under each footwell, 6 in the cup holder (low for all around lighting, makes water bottles look nuclear). I used blue for ambient, red in dash and white LED's for maps, puddles, etc. Got the red white and blue theme going on.
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my old car, drilled a hole midway on the A Pillar (both sides), pointing so the leds are pointing at each other (parallel to windshield). lit up the front windshield blue when it flashed at nite :) if i were to install a led in the legacy, i would install it on the a pillar towards the top so its not so noticeable when your in the car, still should lite up windshield

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