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WTB: ebay front & rear strut tower bars

hot version

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why dont you just buy them from ebay? they are super cheap.


Thanks F-WDC! however; A. the shipping prices are to expensive. B. Wanted to patiently see if anyone wanted to get rid if theirs for cheap. C. They're supposed to be a gift for my Brother in law.




Thanks for the bump! LMK if anyone has any.

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Yes guys, I love my brother in law. He's received numerous and generous gifts from me, including but not limited to Jordans. Brand spanking new not used Lol. But with the addition of "his" niece, my daughter, priorities and funding options have changed. And you guys with a mortgage know what I'm talking about. I just figured it was a shot. Nasioc sells them for like $40 a set...if your lucky. Thanks for the pumps in the bumps guys!
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