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Font Camber JDM Spec B


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Ok guys I'm looking for some help on this one....

Just took my 06 JDM Spec B to have the wheel alignment checked.

The bloke who checked it said that they couldn't adjust the front camber. Can this be correct? I checked and it looks like he is.... there doesn't seem to be any adjustment.


I believe the bilsteins camber is usually adjusted with an eccentric bolt at the bottom of the shock leg where it bolts to the hub.... is this correct?


Anyone got any pictures?


Thanks in advance...

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^What he said. I'm running -.75* camber front with Bilsteins and JDM Top Hats so I know the OEM bolt will get you at least that far, possibly even to -1.0* or more negative camber before you need to start looking at camber plates.
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