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HELLLLLLLLLLP!!! Clutch/Flywheel messup

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Hi guys I'm new this site/clutches and I tried searching this topic but i can't find anything specific to what i'm trying to do. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


I' recently bought an 05 legacy gt turbo 5speed and the old owner didn't bother to tell me that the clutch was gone. SoO... last week I ordered the stock dual mass fly wheel (because that's what the dealer told me to get) and I order an ACT performance street clutch (part SB5-HDSS) from act. I think this clutch used to be called "modified street disc" but they changed the name... Anyways, I guess its a legacy gt specific clutch because thats what act's site gave me when I selected my car year make and model.


Now the big question is why do I hear rumors that the oem dual mass flywheel won't work with an act clutch? All I see is people buying the ACT clutch and 06-07 oem wrx single mass flywheel.


This is scaring the heck out of me as i've already ordered the parts! Someone please tell that they've tried this setup b4 and it's worked..! (fingers crossed)

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the act setup will not work with the dual mass. the act setup is meant for the 06-07 wrx single mass flywheel. if you wnat to use the act setup, you have to buy a oem 06-07 wrx fly or the act light flywheel, or if you want to use the LGT dual mass, you can buy the Spec clutch kit. What you have now though, wont work together.
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