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Joining the Legacy club! :)

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Hey there, everyone!


Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I'm a long time Subie nut and seem to be on every Subaru forum but this one.


I recently sold my '05 STi :( But on the positive side... I picked up my '05 LGT Limited 5 spd last night! :wub:


Already preparing myself for the lack of waves I'll get from the WRX owners, so if you see me out and about...wave! :lol:

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I recently sold my '05 STi :( But on the positive side...


Alicia, believe me when I say this, but I had a 2007 STi. World Rally Blue, gold BBS rims, and it was the best F-ing car I ever owned and driven. Like an idiot, I fell to pressure from a co-worker and sold it to get a BM Trouble You.


Selling my STI was THE BIGGEST mistake I ever did. I still cry at night. I have a picture of it in my phone to boot.


But hey, Legacy cars rule too! Mine is coming along JUUUUST nicely. :) I just hope I can meet the performance of my STI.



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My old STi!


I instantly regretted it after I sold it. In fact, I contemplated getting another one right afterwards.


Bought a Forester, that was a nightmare. Finally found the LGT and I'm satisfied for the time being!


I'll have another STi one day :D

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Thanks!! :)


I already am! The STi was great and the Legacy is great too, in a completely different way! Especially since I found out today that it does, in fact, have the extended warranty on it! Woohoo!




Until you start modding it! :)


Good luck with it and welcome aboard!



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I gotta stay away from this thread...

Now that I've got my LGT.B up to Stage II and fitted with stiffer sway bars, I like it better than I liked my STi (that's a Borla cat-back), even though the .B has the big spoiler. It's just more civilized as a daily driver. HPH


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What is that in the back ground, another Sti?


I think that your old sti was the best looking sti's ever. My favorite body style.

Haha, yeah! That's the boyfriend's 400HP STi :cool:


So I still have an STi around to enjoy even though mine is gone.


And the Leggy is definitely a more comfortable daily! That's for sure!

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welcome, i could have bought me an 2010 STi but opted for the 2010 LGT (totaled my 05) having a car hardly anyone knows about or even what it is, is what i like most about owning a legacy....


the STi is an amazing car....best wishes to you and your LGT

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