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LC-1 Serial to USB Cable


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Hmm..... when I put the CD in, it just opens up a screen to install the LogWorks.....

I did right click the my CD Drive and went in to the Driver section and just could not get this to find the driver....

They have something called Driver Package Installer but even if I click on it, it does not do anything.....

Just when I thought Tactrix Driver went well......pooooof, this happens....


I'm gonna look in to the Inovate site and see if they have it online.

I wish I knew computers better.........

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Maybe that's what I need to buy?

I spent close to $40 on this one because it was the only one at Staples....

Maybe I should go return it tomorrow and get a cheap one.....and it might actually work.

Thanks for the link!

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Ahh, thank you.

Now I suspect that the Serial to USB might be the case.

I went to the Belkin's website and they do not have any drivers unfortunately.

They state this is Plug an Play so they don't require the Driver or something....

Personal opinion is BS but...

I will return this and get the one with the Driver CD and see if that will work.


Thank you Ridgeracer

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Thanks, I did DL some generic ones but maybe the Belkin ones are a little stubborn?

I can't say for sure but I am going to return this and get the one with the Driver CD.

This way, I can eliminate 1 problem and see what I have to deal with if it still does not connect after this.

I guess one by one diagnostic is the only way to tackle this!

Thank you for your comment!

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If you still have the cable, I can send you the one I used which definitely works with win7 as well as the LC-1. I think a serial to usb cable is pretty universal so it should work.


I have XP...

Do you think I should still keep the wire?

I'll PM you.

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I replied to your PM, but here is the link for the driver that I am using. I've tried this on several installs of xp, vista and win7 and have had 0 issues.




Thank you so much.

It did not work on the Belkin but it worked on other Serial to USB connector that Spec B brought in today for me.


It turned out it really was the "Serial to USB Connector" issue.

The WBO2 and Rom Raider was in sync after we simply swapped the connector.

Hard to believe something like this could be the problem but....it was!


All running good!


Thank you all for helping me out!

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