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Ugg... Not again!

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So I went to the Redhook Brewery yesterday for some beers and to meet these radio DJ's. I had a good time and me and my friend won some free tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. That's the cool part.....


Now for the bad part.


On the way home I was driving on I95. This is what happens...

Putputputputputput . . . BrapBrapBrap . . . GLUBGLUBGLUBGLUBGLUBGLUB


Yup, my exhaust broke... Again. So far I'm on my third muffler, my second muffler intake pipe, and my second muffler to catalytic converter gasket. Now the intermediate pipe broke off right before the catalytic converter flange. My car is extremely loud again. I ordered one and it should be here on Tuesday. In the meantime I'm keeping the receipt in the car so if I get pulled over I have proof that it just happened and I am awaiting parts to fix it.


The thing that worried me wasn't that it was too loud, it's just that I had a few to drink and I was driving an extremely loud car. I don't drive drunk... Ever. I'm very big on that sort of thing. I did it once at a party, kept making booze runs back and forth from the party to my house, and the next day Sgt. May from the Rowley Police Department showed up at my house and told me someone reported a blue Nissan driving extremely erratically. That was the last time I ever went drunk driving. Still, I didn't like the feeling of driving the "Pull-Me-Over-Mobile" with any amount of alcohol in my system. One look at my driving record would mean they would probably throw me in the drunk tank anyway, despite the fact that I was under the limit. I don't know about other states but here it's the officers call, if they feel you smell too much like alcohol they can throw you in jail even if you pass every field sobriety test and pass the breathalyzer.

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I think most states have both Driving While Intoxicated and Driving Under the Influence laws. DWI being over the limit, while DUI meaning not legally "intoxicated" but still impaired and a danger to yourself and/or others.
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Spend hundreds on hundreds of dollars for an exhaust that will outlast the car 10-fold?


Yeah, it would sound awesome to have a mandrel bent 3' pipe with a single high flow cat and big headers, but then I'd be getting pulled over anyway. Plus, I have other bills to pay before I even think about more mods on the Legacy. The next thing after this I'm going to tackle is either going to be a second cat delete with new O2 sensors or the MSD coil swap.

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I may be a cheapo here... but since this ain't no show car, how about a little custom welding to patch it up?


I'd also have to agree with finding some SS system. Some shops do that sort of thing on the cheap, I'd try calling around. Nothing crazy diameter wise, just a good stainless custom bent exhaust. Depends on how much you've been spending on exhausts. Sure, a Stromung system is pricey, but how much have the previous 3 exhausts cost you? Just some food for thought.

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