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Misleading website irks me...

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Just an FYI to all.


In looking for the best price for an acrylic hood protector, I ended up finding one and ordering one from SubaruPartsPeople.com




Now, I should have know better that ground shipping shouldn't have been $9.00, but it was late in the evening and I was tired from sick kids not sleeping and blah blah blah.


So today I receive an email apologizing for the mistake in shipping costs and oh by the way its an oversized item and the shipping price is really $26.95.


Obviously, that is more in line with what I have been seeing but just be aware of this part if you order from Subaru Parts People as the correct ground shipping has not been updated on their site post email they sent.


Oh, and yes, I ordered it anyway because I am too lazy and fried from lack of sleep to start the search over again and instead I am using what little strength I have to write this.


Still looooove my GT though even with a new rock chip in the hood. :cool: What a car...

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I ordered some screws from them for my STi pedals. It took them a week to ship them out and its another week after that before they arrive. Still... for what I bought it was cheaper than buying them from the dealership. I ended up getting my hood protector from the dealership just to save hassle. Have fun figuring out those instructions. :lol: I've got a post somewhere around here with instructions on how to put it on. Do yourself a favor and throw your instructions away when you get it. They are very unhelpful.


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