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South East Drag Day - Reynolds, GA

John M

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Sunday, October 11th


The event started out as a 3S (3000GT/Stealth) event but it's open to everyone. I've been there every year since it started 7-8 years ago. It's a great atmosphere, a large variety of cars, and you can usually make as many trips down the track as you want to.


I should be running near full power by then (still tuning), though my clutch is stock so I'll have to take it easy off the line or I'll have to tow it home. Hopefully I can get my brother to bring his Mercedes CL 65 AMG to see if we can get into the 11s bone stock like the magazines do.


This is the third re-scheduling of the event due to weather -- third time's the charm!

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Sad that I'll be missing this one. I really wanted to run either my VR-4 with the new turbos or the LGT with the new clutch. Maybe in the spring!


P.S. John if you've been to every one for the last 7 years and I have been to every one for the past 5 years... how the hell have we not met??

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We probably have -- I'm usually hanging around near Travis (ukyo) & Sonya. I'm hard to miss - 6' 2", 300lbs :D 3Si member since Nov 1999. 12.50s on stock twins, stock cat-back, stock fuel pump.


My brother had a white 94 Supra with a single & other goodies.


My car:




>>> video <<< - Me vs. Travis in 2002

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Event is this Sunday!


<monster truck announcer>


</monster truck announcer>


Weather looks cool (topping out in the mid 70s), meaning most of the event will be in the 60s. 30% chance of rain at most.


I haven't had time to install my fuel mods so I'll have to see how fast the car is at 15 psi on stock fuel. Don't worry -- the logger shows I'm ok as long as I don't try for more boost.

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The best thing I can say is that it sucked horribly! I've had a bit of oil consumption ever since the first turbo blew. I can say now that it's 99.99% sure to be a ring issue because it lost a lot of oil and it's all in the intake. A good AOS would keep it out of the intake but that doesn't fix the underlying ring issue.


The car ran like a monster on the 2 hour trip there. Passing was like engaging warp on the Enterprise. Then I made my first pass and instead of anything respectable it was a 14.8 @ 95. Reviewing the log showed it pulled 10+ degrees of timing every time I shifted.


As a quick fix I changed it to ignore knock over 6800 rpm so it wouldn't hear me shift. Instead of helping it got worse. I saw a lot of smoke at WOT and it actually flashed the CEL at me -- no code was found when I got back to the pits. It was even more confusing because there was no knock, no timing pulled during the run.


Even a no-lauch run, most closely resembling my trip there, resulted in horrible acceleration so I quit for the day. Naturally on the way home it again drove like a champ.


I've got to assume it's all oil-related, between the leaking rings / cracked ring landing and oil fouling the plugs it's a lost cause. Time to pick a shop and get a built engine put in. I've heard good things about Turbotime in Cary, NC and even though it's 7 hours each way I may have them take care of everything. I might as well get a clutch/flywheel at the same time. I've got a couple of payments and then the car would be paid for -- now I'm re-financing to cover all this!


I'll do a compression check this week. I don't have the equipment to do a leakdown but I think the compression numbers will tell the story anyway.


At least the Benz ran solid 12.20s @ 117-118 with traction issues. For comparison a stock GTR trapped in the 114 area. Temps were warmer than expected, in the 85-87 range.

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