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New UP/DP gasket BUY question...


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Just acquired a used Cobb Catless UP and Catted DP and am looking over the forums to see best results for gaskets used from other members. I'm trying to get all the parts before going to the shop for install. Side note: The DP will be running down to the stock LGT catback.


The first two links are for the two gaskets I'm certain I'll need, but what about the third? Also, which vendor to buy from? They all seem similar in price; idea of cost at Subie Dealer?


DP Gasket - $17.99



UP Gasket Set - $24.99



DP to INTERMEDIATE Gasket - $29.95 (really need this?)


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You do not need the last gasket listed. You can re-use the doughnut gasket.


You might want to consider getting a X-over to manifold gasket and Manifold to Head gasket. You will need to remove the passenger side manifold end to get the stock up pipe out. First time it took me like 4 hours to change out the up pipe on my wrx. I can probably do one now in two hours easily.

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Just got off the phone with Harte Subaru in Hartford CT becuase I told them I would call back. Yea, right.


Mark in Parts just asked if I needed gaskets for the 6cylinder Legacy GT followed by if he could have my VIN to make things easier. ....while I'm looking for my VIN, maybe I'll accidentally find another Subaru dealer who knows what engine their cars have.


Have a nice day sir

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I'm running the stock gaskets, that I purchased in a kit from JSC Speed, on my UP and DP on a stage two map and haven't had any problems. I just ran a little copper hi tac on my gaskets to make sure they sealed properly. I think the kit cost me $70 and has all the gaskets for the exhaust system. You shouldn't need to remove the manifold to do the UP, a buddie and I were able to do it, but we did have a lift.
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Install happening in 13 hours. I've got all the gaskets and could use any last minute help as to which bolts to make sure to have on hand.


The DP/Catback has a 'spring' bolt so I hear and should pick these up as they tend to be rusty/weak. Any others you all have worked with?


All last minute help is greatly appreciated! Will stop by the dealer tomorrow to grab whatever is needed.

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