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For those with Swift Springs- Wagon and Sedan???


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Jose installed my new Bilsteins HD's with the Swift Springs specific for GT wagon. Personally it does not look level the Front is higher than the rear. Jose did everything perfect and nothing is hung up or not seated, it’s been checked and rechecked. Being a suspension guy with 5 years at Eibach Springs I have one way to find out if I have a problem.


Sedans: with swift and Bilstein combo on a flat surface (garage floor) please measure the front only from the center of your hub directly up to your wheel well edge (lowest point of the edge).




Wagons: with Swift wagon specific springs please do the same front and rear.




I have been told that the Bilsteins have a lot of pressure and tend to hold up the car a bit for a while but wouldn't hold up the rear as well?


Mine measured out at 14" exactly in the front and 13" in the rear and should not be fro what I have seen.


My Teins on stock struts measured 13 1/2 in the front before and they are supposed to only lower down 3/4 inch from stock the Swift and like 1.2" in front and 3/4 in the rear. It seemed to have done just opposite. Can't figure it out.


Please list what you have so Jose the master tech in Murrieta can have something to go on, he has never done swifts on a wagon just sedans.


I will tell you the ride is so dam sweet and tight I can't believe it. It corners very very well now and sucks up the bumps and dips and spits them out. It feels way better than a BMW in option as many have made refference to. I just want it to look as mean as it feels. One thing its not too firm.




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Well, the probelm is the set up in general.


Spec B's sit front hi from the factory.


When you put struts meant for a Spec B with Top hats meant for a Spec B on an LGT you tend to get a "saggy butt" look. I have Tokico struts (meant for a Spec B) with Swift springs (wagon specific in an attempt to not get a saggy butt) and Spec B top hats. I had to use 3/8" "saggy butt" shims to make the car level out. Now there is a 1 finger gap front and rear. I also own a Spec B, and yes it sits front hi stock. Get some shims (the vendor has a thread here just do a search), they are $20. Otherwise, get a set of coil overs.

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Ok great I had the shims and thought I did not need them with wagon specific springs. Crips I weill put the shims back in what a pain in the A$$ the rear are even with the tricks of the trade getting them off the car. Or I could wrap the crap out of the coil that fully colapse at static ride height to avoid that R&R work.
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Yeah, the rears are kind of a pain to get back in. Out is a snap and swapping the top hat studs for longer ones takes about 30 seconds per side. I waited to put my shims in too. Wanted to see if the wagon specific springs would do the trick. No luck. 1 week later I was breaking down the rear to put in the shims. Been installed for about 15000 miles now with no issues. The car looks WAY better. Good Luck to you.


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