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Tein Flex adjustment problems


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I've got a set of Tein Flex coilovers with the optional 6kg/7kg springs on them.


About a month ago, I decided to take the fronts out of the car and apart to clean/inspect everything. Checked things over, took out the spring, cleaned, lubricated etc.


I assembled everything back together and now when I drive around the car would rub when I go over any dips in the road or bumps.


I know the default measurements in the install guide are for the 8kg/9kg springs but I'm not sure what the default measurements should be for the 6kg/7kg springs.


I phoned and emailed Tein tech support and they simply don't respond.


Do I simply raise the vehicle to accommodate the softer springs or do I add more pre-load to the springs? or both?


Here are the defaults.



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I would slowly add a bit more pre-load at a time until you find the correct amount for your ride. It took me about 4 trys to get mine right...then you can come back and adjust the ride height after...


My .02...

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How much space between the tire and fender do most people run? I've got about 1 finger right now. My wheels are 48 offset and I have 225/45/18 tires on them.


I could add more negative camber (right now -1 degree) but I'm already seeing the insides of the tires wear quickly so don't want to add more.

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Someone that installs Tein products told me this is how it should be adjusted. Someone with suspension knowledge, please chip in to verify.


Legacy GT approx front corner weight is 360kg so 360 / 8 (kg/mm) = 45mm of pre-load. So if I'm using 6kg/mm springs I would calculate 360kg / 6 (kg/mm) = 60mm pre-load


Legacy GT approx rear corner weight is 294kg so 294 /9 (kg/mm) = 36.6mm pre-load. So if I'm using 7kg/mm springs I would calculate 294kg / 7 (kg/mm) = 42mm pre-load


Does this make sense?

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