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Clunk/pop in front on slow, sharp left turns


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I've had this issue for months but a little too busy to mess with it. I've finally been able to fairly consistently repeat it so I'm seeing if anyone has some ideas.


I have coilovers and upgraded LCA, whiteline roll center kit, etc.


I drive to work, then, when pulling into a parking spot, if I turn fairly sharp left as I get maybe a half turn from full left, something on the driver side (maybe coilover, maybe steering components, maybe other suspension joints/arms) "pops"...like something was binding and then "pops" free. It now happens virtually every time. Seems like it's only after I've driven around, then come in slow and make a hard left.


It doesn't seem to be an issue out and about when not turning sharp, etc.


I was also getting a squeeky steering bushing type sound, I think from spraying too much soap in joints accidently when cleaning the wheels with a pressure washser (I'm going to really be carefull to not spray high pressure soap near any joints in the future...water maybe, soap no), but that seems to have gone away.


Recently took off my coilovers, tightened them up, etc., but that didn't help.

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