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Possible E-marks on windows and lights


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I'm looking possibility to import 2005 LGT Wagon to Europe. Could someone help me and look from his/hers car. I need to know which windows and lights (if any) possible have E-marks on them. I would help me to calculate the costs of parts I would have to change. E-mark is capital E with one or two digit number in a circle.


Thanks in advance!




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I really don't know from what site you found it, but official www.subaru.co.uk does not list gas turbo. If you found it from some other site it's JDM grey import. It's very common on uk since they are also RHD. Believe me there's no official EDM LHD gas turbo Legacy in a world since '94. I don't know why this became so big issue, since it's totally irrelevant to this topic. I just kindly ask if someone would be willing to check the windows, taillights and turn signals from US car.
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