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1994 Legacy Auto - Will not shift Up / No Drive Power

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I put the shifter in D, the tranny makes it's usual click/soft clunk sound that it always makes when it shifts into gear, but then when I press on the accelerator, the car begins to move but it only crawls- I'm talking like walking speed maybe 2mph...... I shift the lever into gear 1 and it makes it's usual sound but the same thing occurs.... It moves when I accelerate, but only a couple mph while the engine continues to go up into higher RPM.



I have no idea what is going on..... The engine seems fine in every way I can tell, The tranny shifts into reverse, drive, park, and neutral just fine, but it doesn't have hardly any power at all transferring from the engine to the wheels.






Any help would be appreciated.


I just need to drive this car to the dealer and get my $500 in return for the new camry I purchased.



Thanks all

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Sounds like it. Get under the car and see if you can find a large amount of transmission fluid around the tranny pan. I don't think that year had a drain plug, as mine didn't and mine is a 92. If it does the drain plug may have fallen out and the car is only moving on whatever fluid is left in the torque converter. If you don't have a drain plug on the pan check the tranny coolant lines that run into the radiator, or the tranny pan gasket. If you do a tranny flush with a new filter it generally comes with a gasket. Kit for my car was around $20. If it's the tranny coolant line it'll probably be around $10 including new hose clamps.
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