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Ugly girl with car 56k no


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There's not one of you would turn her down, and if you say you would, you're a liar :lol:


^^this :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


She's not gonna win any beauty pagents but she's not that bad.

"Barack Obama, mothaf#%@a! Barack Obama! I'm the president...of hittin' the ass!" -this is not a political view it's merely a quote from a hilarious tv show.
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what if her breath smelled like beer and cigarettes and she was missing some teeth and had a big ass pimple on her inner thigh?
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That's really messed up that you guys are making fun of my girlfriend. So what if she looks like a trailer park oompa loompa? It doesn't mean she isn't really cool. Just the other day we took the ol Chevy into the woods and went huntin. We didn't shoot nothin, but her and I put away two jugs of moonshine. I bet none of y'all yuppie girlfriends can do that. For her birthday I got her a tatoo of our two kids, Lurleen and Darlene. She was so happy she cooked me my favorite meal, racoon with squirell stuffing. I never ate so good in my life. So next time y'all city folk post up pics of my woman on the internets, don't be typin no bad things.
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I can't tell which is bigger, her boobie cleavage, or her tummy cleavage. And now for some captions...



I'm gonna poop in the car!!!




Don't tell, I just pooped.


(Updated 8/22/17)

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