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side lights work but not with full beam

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Big Hello her from New Zealand, first time here....site looks great.


I have a problem....i have a legacy "99 brighton"


All lights work apart from the sidelights in the full beam position.

So sidelights work on dipped but not on full.


These lamps are dual elements ....there is no supply to the plug.


Can anyone tell me if they are fed direct off the head lamp relay or do they get switch by another?


Ive found the relays for the head lights but dont have the schematics.


Can anyone please help.





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Check out the Haynes manual for 2000-2006, it should give you at least clues about how it's done: http://www.haynes.com/products/?searchType=vehicleApplicationSearch2&searchEnd=yes&sfID1=&sfID2=&sfID3=&year=2000&make=Subaru&model=Legacy&x=12&y=7


Also check out the Chilton sites: http://www.chiltondiy.com/default.aspx and http://chilton.cengage.com/totalcare.aspx


And if nothing else check some Vacation Pix

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