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2008 Spec.B Nav not working already


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So the other day on the highway, I noticed that the temp was displaying purple? When I scrolled to other pages, like the main menu, those were completely fine, but when I went to some other menus, it looked like this.




When I turned off the Nav and turned it back on an hr later it was back to normal. Today when I turned the car on, the nav didn't even come on. The lights on thebuttons bellow the display flashed on and off for a few minutes before staying solid again. I pulled over after about 15 min and restarted teh car. The Subaru logo came up, but it was flickering between normal colors and the purple tint, it finally came back on only to completely turn off a few minutes later. It has been very intermittent since, granted this is the only part of the car I have not yet modified, so at least I can take it to the dealership

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yep, checked all those as well. The only ther elec connections that I have modified and added have been the EBCS, Hella Horns, Elec Boost gauge and a hardwired V1. Those connections are clean, soldered and rust/bare metal free.
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