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Mystery humming sound at 30mph


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So I had the SPT intake on for a while and got sick of the noise and the slightly lower gas mileage and switched back to the stock airbox.


Now I noticed I have some humming noise when I go at 30mph or above. I never had that before. I re-checked all fittings and all is in order.



I do have Lachute catless and crucial catless and it could be an exhaust gasket going but normally when a gasket goes the noise is there throughout and it gets really loud the higher the speed. I know bad exhaust gaskets and this does not sound like one.


Could it be wheel bearing since this sound only comes at 30mph and above and doesnt increase in loudness with throttle?

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starts at >25-30mph

louder at higher speeds

disappears when speed <30mph

cant figure out which wheel it might be though.


the sound and gas/brake pedal feel like, as if your revs went up then ur car shifted into higher gear but the revs are stuck at 4000 (even though thats not really the case)

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what you describe still sounds like a wheel bearing problem. i bought my car used so the dealership fixed it before i drove off. Ive heard its relatively easy to replace a wheel bearing on GM cars but not sure how much different a subie would be. have a mechanic take a look (dont take to the subaru dealership unless you want to pay an arm and a leg)
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