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Cobb heat shield? Other Options?


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Hi all! I just purchased a cobb dp. I have been looking for a cobb turbo heat shield and realized cobb no longer makes one. My question is how important is the heat shield? If it is important, does modification, cutting of the stock heat shield, compromise resistance to heat soak of the turbo? Will the SPT heat shield clear the cobb downpipe? Does anyone know where I can still order a cobb turbo heat shield?




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Yeah very true, but I don't know how different, say, a heat shield between the modern Impreza and 05-09 Legacy may be. If they're very similar, requiring only a minor tweak, then the manufacture cost may not outweigh the resale benefit.


Unlikely, yes. But like you said, you never know. I've seen weirder things happen. :D

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