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WT Test Someone's Lightweight Fly Wheel


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I'm at 110K miles on the stock clutch and starting to wonder how long I can ride the stock LGT clutch gravy train without changing it(although it still holds strong) and so I was wondering if I could try someone's clutch setup that has a lightened fly wheel to see if I can live with it in traffic?


When I buy a new Clutch I'll probably go to a Stage 2 Clutch and nothing crazier as I'll ride out the VF34 until it dies and go VF52 then.






PS. I wouldn't be driving it hard just a simple slow start to see if it is that hard.

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went stage 2 at roughly 20-30K but I haven't really drag raced the thing. Probably only 10-20 misserable attempted launches on an empty street.


Hoping for another year or two but ya never know.

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