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Fuel Gage Error

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Am frustrated in trying to resolve a fuel quantity error on my 1990 Subaru Legacy, 5 speed, AWD wagon.

The needle gage stays at full regardless of the level in the tank.

If I disconnect one of the two tank sender connectors with ignition on and with an approx 3/4 full tank,the needle

drops to empty. If I reconnect the connector the needle goes back to full. If I do the same test by

disconnecteing the other sender I get the same results.

I have replaced the two tank senders with sendors removed from a vehicle with a

functioning system.

However my problem persists.

A well meaning person suggested that the problem may be in the instrument cluster which houses the gage.

However he added that he had never had to resort to a changout of the cluster to solve a fuel error problem.

I am concerned that I might be "chasing my tail' and thus am looking for recommendationon on what to try next?

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How many gallons does the tank hold ?


What do you get for mpg?


Does the odometer work ?



The car is how old?


You do the math...


Or change the gauge in the dash.



Oh BTW, welcome to the forum. You may have better luck on nasioc for this old car.

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On my 91, I just use my tripmeter to gauge when its time to fill up.

The senders are finicky, and sometimes don't like to function properly even if you replace them. I honestly got so used to using the tripmeter, that I never even look at the gas gauge.

When my tank is full, the needle stays at empty until half a tank, eventually, the needle works its way up to where it belongs over time.

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