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09 jdm front end


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sooo... my car is messed up pretty bad. hood, headlight housing, the bumper might be saved but probably not worth the time. dont want to get into what happned, it pisses me off to much. I might as well make this a positive thing. has anyone done a swap on 08/09? all i have seen are 05's. i only really want to get a bumper and grill, anything more then that and it will get to costly. anyone know if my fenders, headlights, hood will line up? what about my grill? can my grill be made to fit?


if i gota replace my bumper, i might as well do it with a jdm joint as long as it doesnt require to much extra shit. probably wll get the stuff from hkc or japanparts.


also, since my headlight housing is barely cracked. does anyone know ware i could just get the one piece instead of a whole new light?

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