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Repair for keybob 'lock' switch: 05 factory alarm

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I've had 4 keybobs go because of the lock button stop working. These were the original 05 design and the updated one.


A few observations,


The design of the circuit board wasn't changed when the redesign for the 'unlock in the pocket' issue went through. Only the case was redesigned.


Looking inside, each time the microswitch came off of the circuit board due to less than adequate solder joints.


Since these last two are no longer warrantee covered I fixed them.


If anyone wants a rundown on how to do it, let me know. My last effort of spreading info quickly went down to obscurity, so I've learned to ask before I take time out here.

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I'd be interested in a how to. My main key fob is starting to act up and the lock and unlock buttons are feeling soft..


sorry I need to attend to something that just came up and I don't have time to snap the pics at the moment.


Trouble shooting the issue is pretty straight forward.


Open up the keybob and pull the circuit board out. If the microswitch is loose, you have a bad solder-joint causing it. If switches are holding well, it may be dirt or the switch itself.


As to how to fix it, pretty simple but it requires good eys or a magnifying station.


To fix:

Using a low power electronics soldering iron (with a small point),


first re-tin all the pads.


Four on the switch, and four on the board.


Use an electronics solder with flux to allow the pads to be cleaned.


Common stuff at Radio Shack.


Do not keep the iron on any of the pads for an extended time. These are small areas and you don't want to fry either component.


I held the switch in place with my fingers, positioning the 4 pads together. There is no apparent polarity.


There's enough room to touch each connection on the side of the switch and have the fresh solder melt with a freshly tinned iron. Be quick, but make sure the microswitch seats flush to the board.


The first pad is the most important. Check to see if any pad on the switch has moved off of their target pad, or if the switch (after soldering a pad) is lying away from the board. If so, fix that corner before moving on.


You could use an alligator clamp to hold it in place too. It was faster with my fingers.


Two keybobs with non-functional lock buttons in 10 months and fixed in 10 minutes.


When I have time I'll shoot some pics but this is doable without an oven with a steady hand.


edit: this is for the 05 factory bob. Your mileage may differ.

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