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05+ lgt wheels


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Knowing nothing about wheels, i am wondering if i will be able to fit 05 and up stock legacy gt wheels on my 99 30th annv. edi. legacy L, i believe the wheels are 15 x 114.3? If anybody knows if i can fit the stock 5 spoke 5 x 100 legacy gt wheels on my car please let me know. If all goes well with wheel fitment, is anybody trying to get rid of their full set with 80% or more tread left in the seattle area?
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If you're talking about the bolt pattern, you're looking for 5x100. Not sure about the 2010 Legacy but AFAIK all Subarus from the last 15 years or so have used 5x100 - except for the 05+ WRX STI.

Your car has 15" wheels.



Check out tirerack to see what size you'll need if you go up to 17's.

This is my old '95 Legacy with 16" WRX wheels.


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Your car has 5 x 100 hubs, and the LGT 5 spoke wheels will fit perfect. TireRack recommends a 205/45-17 size tire for a 17 x 7 wheel on your vehicle. Should look great!

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