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Passport Mod


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I've been trying to figure this one out for the switch plugs on the windshield wiper heater switch assembly are not usable (first choice).


So what I did was take apart the passport remote smart cord, took off the original green and red LEDs, and mute switch and then:


1. Added an off switch

2. Added a momentary switch with a 2-3 volt LED indicator (built in)

3. Replaced the 470 Ohm resistor (the one next to the built in 2Amp fuse when you open the remote) with a 4.5K Ohm variable resistor (set at 2.6K Ohm for a dim led brightness) which adjusts the brightness of both LEDs.

4. Added a smaller2-3 Volt green LED

5. Tapped into fuse #13 in the driver's side fuse box with a mini fuse tap

- It's a 20Amp circuit that turns off with the ignition, and is for the cargo or console acc. socket

6. Ran the power cord to the passport up the driver's side upper trim (Caution!! Side airbag. Vaca pictures-hint, hint you need instructions so as not to mess up the retaining clip!!), inside the headliner, and down through the compass dimming mirror wire channel.


It's not my first choice, but it keeps the left hand on the wheel and let's me mute an alarm with my right. The off switch let's me kill the whole system for those parking lots with door openers.


Pictures below. The switch position is the lowest you can go because of clearance on that panel.


With the Auto shift in drive, all is visible to the driver.




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Thanks, it's not my perfect spot, but I like the off switch for those times the police drive behind me on the back roads with their radar blasting.


Hmm, I just came back from Arizona last week. No offense, but you guys don't know cold. I came back from Sun and low 70s to a windchill of something like -20 and several snow storms. I wanna go back!!!


No wonder you noticed the setting of the butt heater, lol.

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and this past weekend was even nicer, mid 80's .. 60's at night ... it was just awesome .. and the butt warmer has been put to use quite a bit by my wife .. she loves it :)


The desert flowers must be freaking blooming now. I wish we could have stayed for that.


My wife and son fight over the seat and turn mine full blast to the butt-sweat setting everytime.


Moved to 'weather forecast' forum :lol:


Nice install....looks almost like it belongs there.


Whoops, we bin caught! Into the weather channel we go.


The hardest problem on this install is the switch that incorporates the alarm LED with the switch.


I found a better one that would need a group buy to purchase. It has the correct LED voltage (2-3vts and not 12vts) and even has a speaker with a null sign on it.


The attached file would give it more of an OEM look, I think.


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